Idaho Public Storage, 21 minutes (Full Version)
The better, longer (21 minute) version showing Tower painting a lava field with tar in response to the 2011 BP Oil Spill. The film also shows solutions to a mid-career dilemma of art storage and marketing.

Idaho Public Storage, 10 minutes (Short Version)
This movie explains why an environmentally aware New York artist would travel thousands of miles to paint a 750-thousand-acre lava flow in Idaho. The answer is in the landscape itself. I made this film to focus on rarely discussed art world topics. Having recently lost my art storage of 30 years, I took on the mid-career dilemma of having spent a lifetime creating art objects with neither a home or gallery. In 2011, I put everything into public storage to finance this painting trip. The film documents my painting practice of on-site painting with a conceptual bent. Issues of sustainability and relational aesthetics are also raised. My process had always been rooted in community. In making this film, I often handed my camera over to strangers to shoot. It was not until I returned to a city with an Apple store that I realized there was enough footage for a movie. I learned to edit and made the movie at the store. It is important for the viewer to know this film was a spontaneous group effort and that the documented events are also collaborative.

Lost, 10 minutes
A site painting accident.

Breaking, Entering and Painting, 30 minutes
Cindy Tower's painting community exposed, Part I

Malcolm Gay Documentary, 10 minutes
Cindy Tower Painting at the Great Lakes Coke Factory, St. Louis, MO, in 2008